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essence of a particular sound and the way that it can be developed or changed in its smallest part so that it becomes something else. it can be a very pure sound like for instance, ♪ ohhhhhhh, which is, in a timbre, is very pure, and if we start applying different things to it, for instance, we can change the timbre of the sound by just changing the way that we create the sound. ♪ ohhhhaaaahh. and in fact, what i was doing was actually just opening up the vowel sound to explore the harmonic make-up of that sound. [light, airy tune] we take instruments to be things that produce tones, but each one of those tones in an instrument is actually a huge complex of smaller tones which we usually do not hear. and many musical instruments take advantage of the overtone series in order to produce musically useful tones. the overtone series is really quite simple. behind every acoustically generated tone, there is a series of other tones which are happening simultaneously. (shapiro) musical timbres are made by combinations of overtones, and you can do with a synthesizer what's called additive
. >> they are a critical player at this point, the five-star movement of beppe grillo. could he changes into- establishment position at some point? >> since the election last month, he has insulted bersani practically every day, and he continues to do that today. >> it requires on the road to damascus for him to change his mind. >> where does italy go from here? could we see new elections? >> nobody wants to see new elections. i think what will happen now is president of peloton a will do something similar to what we did in november 2011 when he appointed the current prime minister, mario monti, the former european commissioner. he may try to do something like that. he may look to people like the former premier, the current interior minister, or the former european commissioner to try to take -- put together a short- term government whose major responsibility will be to guard confidence for the international markets and in the meantime, the only item on the agenda will be to change the current electoral legislation. >> thank you so much for that update. the restrictions in cyprus on account access could re
as the changes reflect -- chuck hagel says it reflects threats from south korea. french tourists have been in gang raped in india. a woman was camping with her husband went men wielding sticks attack the couple. this come three months after a 23-year-old girl was gang raped in delhi in a case that sparked international outrage. the defending champions, dortmund, came from behind to deliver a 5-1 victory. they were on fire and he had backed two goals. he has now set a club record scoring in eight consecutive games. here the top scorer so far this season with 19. let's take a look at all the results from this week's action. with an upset win. it was scoreless for hoffenheim. brehmen drew at 2 all. leverkusen are still out on the pitch. was a clash match for survival. there are dangerously close to the drop zone and both teams desperately needed to win. >> the match started as a one- way affair. rodriguez from long range -- and lucky. then dusseldorf appeared in front of the golan were immediately reboarded putting them ahead in the 37th minute. the defense kept a respectful distance. early i
are longtime colleagues, but their roles have changed since their last encounter. saturday's meeting between the wast and present pope's interesting. benedict offered pope francis the dealer at the chapel to pray, but francis declined, saying, we are brothers and insisted on bringing side by side. but there was disappointment in the crowd in the square that had gathered in the hope of seeing the two men together. new pope francis has attracted plenty of attention in recent days. >> i feel so emotional because he is the pope that was very close to the people. he is very humble and very welcoming. >> but some are expecting him to take serious action. >> they have to rejuvenate the church and allow women to become priests. if not, in 80 years, most of the churches will close because there will not be any more priests. >> benedick has vowed not to stand the way of any reforms introduced by the new pontiff. on the contrary, he has sworn unconditional obedience to his successor. >> in a moment, formula one and another pole position. first, a look at some of the news. u.s. president barack obama ha
, ♪ all is calm, (male narrator) melody is one of the essential elements of music. changes in pitch one after another create rising and falling contours which taken together impart meaning. [jazzy saxophone plays] melody is the story you're telling, and for that reason, to me, melody is in some ways the most important element of music. it's like a story because it has a beginning, it has a plot, and it has an ending. [spirited violin plays] melody, i define it as a group of notes that are in love with each other. [low hum and sticks clacking] [cultural music montage] (narrator) all over the world with instruments and voice, people create an uncountable number of melodies in an enormous variety of styles. the methods in which a musical culture generates its melodic forms depend on the musical rules and practices of that culture. these rules are employed by composers and performers, and are implicitly understood by listeners as well. ♪ that baby boy i never saw before. ♪ (narrator) but at the basis of all melodic form is the concept of vibrational frequency or pitch. [low, airy pipe p
the average for quite a while, but there are practical reasons why it's changing. you can see them in the marketplace, you can see it in the bank. you can see it in the offers being made to people. you can see how people and businesses are reacting. we need to recognize that reality. oh, sure, we could do more. we could do a lot more. we could even wreck this country, but we're not going to do it, senator. schoumacher: burns stuck to his guns and kept the money supply growing at a modest rate. by summer, indicators began showing the first signs of a recovery. by fall, the unemployment rate had dropped substantially. but most important for the fed, the recovery did not lead to new inflation. by the year's end, it had fallen to 9%. arthur burns had taken a difficult and certainly controversial stand. caught in the currents of political pressure, he had managed to keep monetary policy on course. using velocity as a guide, he had succeeded in fostering a recovery without further fueling inflation. how exactly does this concept called "velocity" fit into the economic picture? we asked a
will change, and will tell the dancer when to change the step, when to move, how to move, when to stop. when you travel from ethnic group to ethnic group, you will find that--let's say in nigeria with the yoruba, where they have a very tonal language-- they might say, hello "modupwe." so there's a lot of variation in tone-- many of their instruments and their drums, like the donno and the talking drums, they sound just the way they talk. you might hear "do-do do, do-do-do-do-do-do, do." in senegal, the wolof, the people of the mande cultures which is the sousou, malinke, the bambara-- they speak very fast. you might hear, "naga def," so you might hear, "bla ga da, mangi flec, blanka da, blankadi bla dah, bleat bla-bla-bla-bla-bla." so as you could see there's a direct connection with the spoken language, and what is being played, and how you express it on the drum. mandiani is a rhythm that comes out of the old malian empire. the drums and the instruments that they use for the rhythm mandiani come from the djembe orchestra. the djembe orchestra encompasses maybe two or three djembes, usually
government. the opposition green party is hoping to persuade them to choose a fundamental change. they've just launched their election platform, and it includes more renewable energy, higher taxes for higher earners and more equality in the house system. >> the greens have dubbed their election headquarters in berlin base camp. that's where party leaders gathered to present their draft campaign manifesto. it calls for fundamental economic change. >> we support the market economy, but it should become a social market economy, as well as an environmental one. >> their primary goal is to quickly and fairly implement the country's switch to sustainable injuries. the greens' other fundamental goals is to fight for social justice. >> the majority in this country want a just society. that's why we also have to pay off our common debts that affect future generations together and those capable of shoulders a bigger load should do so. >> the manifesto also includes about 50 specific projects that the greens want to imhement, including higher taxes on the wealthy and a minimum wage. party leaders
years. ( rooster crows % of cn e maourished. the potential changes brought by economic development are enormous. the soil here is rich and fertile. laos remains a largely agrarian society. lowland peoples practice wet rice farming. the capital, vientiane, has a population of just half a million. the rest of the 5½ million laotians are spread over 155 million square miles of land. it'she seconlowestpulaon da aand the least urbanized country squin the region.and. around laos lie the developing economies of thailand, china, vietnam and cambodia. the north of laos is almos entirely mountains, covering 70% of the country. much of its western border is defined by the mekong river, a tural barrier to trade. the friendship bridge breached that barrier. narrator: somphavan inthavong is in the power business. he was an engineer on the first hydroelectric scheme built here in 1951. to him, these rugged mountains and flowing waters are a pot of gold. laos produces far more electricity than it can use. the surplus, approximately 80% of the power generated, is sold to thailand at a profit. the
in a rebel crew. they accused him of bringing about little positive change while in office. the majority of the central african republic still lives entire property despite vast natural resources that include diamonds, gold, and uranium. south africa has confirmed that at least 13 of its soldiers were killed in the weekends fighting. they were stationed alongside french groups as peacekeepers in the country. for decades, lyrical instability have ruled the central african republic. this is just the latest in a long line of foods -- ocf coups. make a donation. to save a life. >> thank you for saying -- you staying with us. >> welcome back. >> those opposition leaders welcomed the announcement, but it remains very divided. -- he does intend to address the summit. >> meanwhile, syrian activists are trying to mobilize german support for their efforts to oust the assad government. >> a moment of silence is a call to action. the association of syrian academics organize this event at the university. they are calling for german help and german weapons for the resistance against bashar al- assad.
. (narrator) methods of notation can change over time. since the 17th century, composers in the western classical tradition have become increasingly concerned with prescribing as much detail of the performance as possible. [ensemble playing early music] in earlier periods, composers often provided little more than melodies and rhythms leaving details such as ornamentation, dynamics, and instrumentation to the performers. (herreid) one of our challenges in doing old music is that all the music that comes down to us survives in manuscripts, or in the 16th century, in printed sources. these manuscripts tell us very little about how the music was actually performed. a piece might have four parts with no words, maybe meant for instruments, but it won't say. the composers either didn't care what instruments it was played on or it was so obvious to the people at the time that it would be appropriate for recorders say or for viols or for a lute ensemble. my father has a dance band. they have music for tenor sax and alto sax, piano, and bass. there's also a drummer in the band, of course, becaus
to form a coalition with the left of center parties that won the election. >> our position has not changed. we expressed it with absolute clarity to the president. we were and still are available to support a coalition government with the democratic party. >> so far, however, democratic party leader pierre louis g. bersani has ruled the part -- that option out -- pier luigi bersani has ruled that option our. they are repelled by the series of scandals surrounding the former prime minister. a day earlier, bersani told president napolitano that he was unable to form a governing coalition. >> i described also the difficulties arising from preclusion or from the conditions imposed that were unacceptable. >> bersani's alliance won a majority in the lower house of parliament but does not have enough votes in the senate to be able to govern. if the parties cannot form a government, president napolitano could try to appoint an independent figure to forge a coalition. if that fails, italians could face new elections. >> the united nations is giving united nations peacekeepers a mandate to fight reb
the same tax rules as heterosexual couples. some in the cdu called for change, exposing divisions in the party. angela merkel went with the traditionalists, ending the debate ahead of national electiosn ins in september. >> a country in mourning as hugo chavez's death led to an outpouring of grief in caracas. chaves died after a 2-year battle with cancer. >> we have recieved the most tragic news we will have to tell our people. hugohe 5hth of march, chavez died. >> for 14 years he held sway over venezuela and critics say he was autocratic but he pumped billions into social projects and was adored by the poor. his body was taken to the military academy, where it lay in state and allowed mourners to pay respects. >> chavez was everything, our father, brother, everything. >> chavez is my people. chavez is venezuela. >> fresh elections are next in the political transition but this week, they said goodbye to one of latin america's most colorful eaders. >> -- leaders. >> the annual session of china's parlaiment began. anemier wen jiabao gave hs address about his government's achievement
is that in the trial scene, joan recants and then immediately changes. in the anouilh play, she recants and is thrown into prison and when warwick comes to visit her, that makes her see how she denied her own faith, and she refuses to do that. anouilh chose the name the lark, which is interesting because the little european lark is not an american bird, it's very different from our lark. it's tiny and rather nondescript looking and it has a beautiful song. it starts to sing as it spirals up into the sky and goes up and up and up and up and you can hear the song and you can't see the bird anymore. well, that's how joan has been through all these centuries: she is still singing her song and people still listen to it. i know that even now there are people who consider her their patron saint. in the shaw play, nobody can get away from the absolutely glorious response, i think. whenever anybody dramatizes her life, they have to include it in the trial scene, she is asked by the bishop of beauvais if she is in a state of grace and her answer was so miraculous and simple. she said, "if i'm not, may god brin
very small. these small numbers involve huge changes in output per capita and living standards over long periods. our historic rate of productivity increase ofetween 1.5% and 2% a year means a vefold increase of prin real incomesease over the past century. productivity gwt is important. any decline in it is necessarily a matter for concern. but warmanentecline or merely temporary?0s many factors were at work during the 1970s. the oil shocks made energy input much more expensive. pid inflation increased economic uncertainty. e compositio ofhe labor force with young and inexperienced new entrants was changing, and so on. on t other hand, certain factors, for example, government regulations to protect the environment, may be with us for some time. we don't know if the 1970s' high inflation will be our last nor what new supply shocks may hit us. the experience of the 1970s strongly suggestedst thatroductivity growth was something we could no longer take for granted. was there anything we could do to improvet? we've always believed in something called progress. we've always had a faith t
. it also meant that the process of design-- the creative process of changing his mind-- could continue while he was actually carrying out the statue, working it in the stone. michelangelo abandoned the matthew sculpture in 1505 when he was summoned to rome by the new pope, julius ii. pope julius demanded a tomb which would match the majesty of his self-image. michelangelo's original design was for a freestanding pyramid of marble, with tier upon tier of life-size figures-- so ambitious a design that many artists would need many years to make it real. only one figure on the tomb, completed 30 years later, carries the original idea's force... the figure of moses. vasari calls michelangelo terribile, speaks often of his terribilita, which is a word that really has no precise equivalent in english, but one is talking about a kind of awe-inspiring power of temperament. and this same word-- terribilita-- was also used to describe pope julius ii. there is no doubt that artist and pope met their match in each other, and it's always been felt-- there's a kind of undercurrent of feeling-- that a
months. >> a bit of change of pace now. at their summit in south africa, leaders from the brics group of nations had been hoping to expand their imprint on the world stage with a much- anticipated new development bank, but brazil, russia, india, china, and south africa only agreed in principle to create a joint letter. >> the idea is to create an institution that would rival the world bank. delegates were at odds over the scope of such a structure and agreed that more talks were necessary. >> together, the brics nations account for a quarter of the world's economic output, and they want their political influence to mirror that. since last year, they've been exploring the idea of setting up their own development bank, an institution they hope to shake of the global order. it should provide a counterbalance to the world bank, which they say is dominated by western nations and does little to tackle under development. there is agreement in principle to set up the bank, but leaders still disagree on how it will be funded and how it will be run the meeting also focused on increasing stronge
. they can see the 6-hour opera, with towering scaffolds. hundreds applied. >> a change in perspective -- >> a new experience. >> i will sit and stand and be involved in a game. they werey before -- told what the role was on stage. >> you are part of a living set desingn creating different moods. your bodies are part of the staging. parsifal telsl of one ols of one of king arthur's knights on his search for the holy grail. >> the other knights wait for a pure fool , enlightened by compassion to redeem them. parsifal is this innocent, dismissed at first but in the end theis does come. carlos's production delighted the audience on saturday. >> that is all we've got time for. thanks for spending your weekend with us. is working withhe german missionary program. she ended up in this catholic orphanage. she didn't know much about the people but she was open to new experiences and wanted to do good to help children without homes. marina snieder is doing missionary work. they are here to help run the home. heard of egg- tapping before but romania's take is new to her. person hass that one to
of directors. when they met to change discount rates, they sent ripples across the nation. they were practicing a rudimentary form of monetary policy. they were affecting the money supply. how important was the money supply? economist richard gill has an analysis. to understand this question, we need some sense of how the money supply affects the economy's general workings and how the fed can affect the money supply. this diagram suggests the general nature of the answers to these questions. theoretically, in a depression situation, the fed should increase reserves available to the commercial banking system-- provide more reserves, as stated in the first box. the hope is that banks will lend more credit to businesses, thereby increasing the quantity of money in the economy. more money, in turn, should lead to more spending by businesses who have borrowed to invest in new machinery and factories, possibly also by consumers like ourselves. more spending, in turn, should lead to higher gnp and more jobs. it may also lead to higher prices, though that didn't seem a problem then. 1930s prices were g
passed a series of controversial changes to the constitution proposed. they include tight new restrictions on the powers of the constitution. hungarian protesters attacked the move. foreign ministers warned that basic rights had to be safeguarded. german minister issued this morning -- >> an important part is judiciary separation of powers. no one in europe can call that into question. germany's opposition social democrats adopted a manifesto for september parliamentary election. they're focusing on social issues. of people inty germany think the economy is going strong, but only a few people are profiting from our economic strength. >> the spd is demanding a minimum wage of eight euros 50 an hour, and more pay for temporary staff. they're planning to raise taxes on top-tier earners. or member the victims of the earthquake and tsunami two years ago -- remembered the victims of the earthquake and tsunami two years ago. earth6 exactly, the shook. 19,000 people died. >> my mother is still missing. it's been two years now, but it feels as if it just happened. man and his wife pled
-century europe, their power increasingly challenged by far-reaching social and economic change, sought to present themselves as heirs of the roman emperors, their authority divinely ordained. for them, art was an instrument of state power just as armies were, important in maintaining the absolute obedience of their subjects. we've seen how the counter reformation church demanded of its artists that their images should inflame the religious imagination of the people. just so, kings required of their court painters that their images should convey a sense of their benevolence, dignity, wealth, taste, and their divine right to rule.
, at least in places the economy in our hands. .> many cypriots were furious the government changed the plan to let those with less than 20,000 euros in the bank off the hook, but the parliament did the resounding no when it came to a vote on tuesday. euro zone countries made clear cyprus had to come up with the money somehow. >> a one-off levy would bring in about 6 billion euros, but what form that takes is up to the authorities. >> the raise was on to come up with an alternative. in the meantime, the bank said cyprus stayed closed -- in cyprus stayed close. >> somalia's capital was hit with a suicide bombing on monday. the attacker blew up a car, killing 10 people. it was the worst attack there this year. shabab took -- al responsibility. their forces were pushed out of the city. >> a connolly's warlord turned himself into the u.s. embassy -- congolese warlord turned himself into the u.s. embassy peer and he was later -- embassy. he was later transported to the hague. germany's defense minister within molly, -- mali, visiting the troops. thomas said germany's help with training must be ac
of fishing has hardly changed for a century. >> there are fewer and fewer of us. we are a dying breed. nowadays, everyone is switching to 50-meter boats. >> there's a lot of manual labor involved in their work, something increasingly rare in europe. when croatia joins the eu, such traditional working methods are likely to be phased out. in the historic center, investors are pouring money into tourism infrastructure, but even though the easter holiday has begun, only a few visitors are here right now, and they are far outnumbered by the locals. the tables at many of the restaurants are empty. this owner says croatia with its potential for tourism at off- peak times, even though it has had eight years to get in shape for the eu market. >> dubrovnik needs better management. we need experts in tourism. we need better people who work professionally and can help find ways to solve this problem professionally. >> some locals say croatia's politicians have no idea about boosting tourism. shortly before easter, this is what the country's most popular tourist destination looks like -- roadworks
of scandal and in- fighting, change has come to the holy see. he broke with his predecessors, speaking only in italian, not in 60 languages as had become customary. >> brothers and sisters, happy easter. in his first easter sunday message, the pope delivered a plea for peace in the world's troubled regions and called for an end to greed and selfishness. the traditional blessing concluded mass. >> [speaking foreign language] >> many worshipers brought a flood of argentina to st. peter's square. pope francis is the first head of the catholic church to come from outside europe and over 1000 years. alsotian believers gathered at the garden tomb in jerusalem outside the wall of the old city. many believe this to be the place where jesus is buried and rose again. the service here was more informal, with the emphasis on bible teachings, and the meeting attracted people from many different nations. christians in iraq also celebrated easter despite security concerns. in baghdad, hundreds attended holiday mass at a church, where the patriot carl -- called for reconciliation between different groups.
where the actors could change costumes and masks. sophocles, we are told, was the first playwright to use painted scenery. here at the theater of epidaurus, where greek dramas still are presented 24 centuries later, we get an excellent view of the round orchestra and of the parodoi. through the parodoi, the audiences entered and also the chorus when time came for the play to begin. the chorus, usually numbering 12 or 15, was rigorously trained and rehearsed for its role by the choragus. it explained in a prologue the drama's action, set the mood, introduced the actors, sang, danced and served as the voice of the audience. wherever the greek influence was felt, theaters were built. when rome came into contact with the greek world, romans, too, began building theaters. at the height of the roman empire, practically every town, even small towns, had its theater. often, these were quite imposing structures built at imperial expense or donated by some wealthy citizen. pompeii, the town that was buried under volcanic ash and partially preserved, had two handsome theaters, a small one for
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